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Alteration and repair of clothing from dry-cleaners


Not many people are aware, but dry-cleaning service providers, including Farragut Cleaners, offer alteration and repair services in addition to dry cleaning services. It makes sense to save time and get your clothes dry-cleaned and repaired or altered from the same place rather than giving them to a tailor.


It is really frustrating and annoying when the zipper on your favorite pair of trousers gets stuck or the hems on your favorite black dress need to be repaired. Do you have a small hole in your garment or a hem tear that needs to be fixed? Save the time and stress of going out to shop for a replacement. Bring your clothes to Farragut Cleaners, and our expert repair specialists will get it fixed in no time.


Farragut Cleaners also offers comprehensive alteration services. You may go to the store and buy the best possible outfit. However, it needs to have the perfect fit according to your body size and shape for it to look good on you. No matter your appearance, we have highly skilled alteration experts who can give you the perfect fit making the clothing appear like it has been tailor-made.

Repair and alteration services offered by Farragut Cleaners

  • Sleeves shortening
  • Replacement of zipper (jacket/coat)
  • Button replacement
  • Curtain shortening
  • Dress shortening
  • Length and waist of trouser/skirt
  • Moving a button
  • Hemming of dress/shirt/pant/skirt
  • Adjustment of leg width of pants
  • Repairing of tears
  • Resewing of buttonholes
  • Shortening or lengthening of cuffs
  • Seat in/out of pants
  • Side in/out from dresses
  • Denim hems

Why choose Farragut Cleaners for Alterations and Repairs?

Fast turnaround time - Farragut Cleaners make sure that your clothing is fixed and handed back to you within the shortest possible time duration.

Handled with care - Whether it is a wedding outfit, formal wear, or your dress shirts Farragut Cleaners handles everything with utmost care.

Highly skilled and trained tailors - The repair and alteration staff have skilled expertise and a lot of experience in the tailoring industry. Our tailoring experts go the extra mile to make sure that your special clothing items are ready before any big event.

Delivering exceptional customer service - Any work undertaken by Farragut Cleaners is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We believe in delivering customer service of the highest quality when it comes to repairing, alterations, dry cleaning, and tailoring as well.

Eco-friendly option - Farragut Cleaners makes use of products that are completely eco-friendly and do not damage the environment in any way.

Farragut Dry Cleaners is a one-stop destination for all repairs and alteration needs for your garments.



Farragut Cleaners is your locally owned and operated full-service dry cleaner. From dry cleaning to alterations and wedding dress preservation to home textiles, we are here to keep you fresh, clean, and looking & feeling impeccable.

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