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Alterations Aren't Just for Weddings


When rummaging through your closet, do you have a bunch of clothing on hangers you don't wear? Or do you have pants where you're stepping on bottoms to create ragged fabric that makes it look like you've come from an extensive hike in the woods? If you have a formal event coming up, you may have thought about the alteration process. It's not just fancy evenings that can warrant alterations. Altering a variety of clothing can make you feel your best under many circumstances. Regardless of the situation, Farragut Dry Cleaners has got you covered!

Why Would I Need Alterations Made?

Your cousin is marrying his fiancée next fall. It makes sense the bride will be seeking out alteration services. But, it's not just weddings that benefit from alterations. Specific adjustments can help you feel shiny and new with revamped clothing. Farragut Dry Cleaners can help you with any of your requests. Have you ever considered –

  • Shortening a Shirt. How many people do you pass by in a day who walk around with a baggy, long blouse that just sits on them wrong? Simply adding a shirttail hem to clean up the fit can work wonders while adding an additional element to your top.
  • Taking in the Seams. Your closet probably boasts a bunch of shirts that sport a straight hem. If you ask Farragut Dry Cleaners to work some magic, we can enhance those tops for a more dynamic look. There's still hope if you're out at your favorite store and discover the perfect top, but it looks like a loose bag hanging on you. Nab that find and bring it in for a quick alteration.
  • Shortening the Shoulder Seams. How much time have you wondered if your bra strap is peeking out from behind your exposed neckline? Do you have a shorter torso, and shirts sometimes just feel like they're always falling off? If you shorten those shoulder seams, you'll wind up with a comfortable top that stays where it should.
  • Hemming a Pair of Pants. We've all done it - trampling the bottoms of our pants. Have you ever abused your poor pants to the point that you wore holes in them and just left a dangling strip of fabric? Check with Farragut Dry Cleaners for a quick fix to make the material fit as intended. It'll leave you looking sleeker and cleaner.
  • Slimming the Sleeves. Like a baggy top in general, long-sleeve shirts with loose arms leave a messy impression. Simply sinching up those sagging sleeves can streamline your look and clean up your top.

What if I Do Have a Formal Event Approaching??

Now that you've considered everyday clothing and realized that an alteration might help, what about the formal event? Farragut Dry Cleaners loves to work on any clothing, but formalwear for a prom or big event is special. We alter dresses and tailor suits. We talked about simple clothing fixes above. But what's involved with the 'big guns'… the dresses or suits for formal events.

Formal Dresses

Buying a fancy dress isn't always a 'buy and wear' thing… after purchase, your dress may need some alterations to transform it to fit you perfectly. Even if the dress fits pretty well at purchase, you have a big event, and you want it to fit you like a glove. Working with Farragut Dry Cleaners, you'll get your dress altered so that you'll feel it's just another part of you. It's not just wedding dresses that go through a process; gowns such as ones for the prom also need consideration. To achieve the ideal fit, a combination of alterations may occur –

  • Hemming the Length – The dress should be just long enough that the shoes are covered but not too long that the person will experience tripping hazards.
  • Adjusting the Sides – The bust needs to be supported, and the cut should accentuate the body shape.
  • Adding Details – Lace, beading, and buttons can be discussed. When picking a dress, remember that if you think you'll alter it, consider how it'll affect the current design.

After fine-tuning your gown, you'll be ready to make an appearance at the big event!


Though the gowns get all the praise, suit wearers need to make sure they're not looking ragged next to their date. Farragut Dry Cleaners acknowledges the need to address suits. Suits may not demand tedious adjustments like the dresses, but many considerations and adjustments remain.

  • Take in, or Taper – The waist, hips, and chest areas often need adjustment to achieve a fitted look.
  • Let Out or Open – Was there any stress-eating before the big event? A few extra pounds may require the suit to be let out a little to allow for some more space. No one wants to be busting at the seams on a night with so much activity planned.
  • Hemming – Just like the dress should cover the shoes but not cause a tripping hazard; the same rule applies to the pants. They need to be adjusted correctly, so the length fits the wearer correctly.

Regardless of clothing or event type, Farragut Dry Cleaners wants to work with you so you can look your best. We want to contribute to your special day. Our alteration services will prepare you to stand out before an audience. And if you're looking to clean up clothing that doesn't fit quite right, we'd love to adjust whatever is ailing the imperfect outfit. Whatever the occasion, mundane or extravagant, alterations will leave your clothing with the best fit in the best light.



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