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Behind the Scenes at Your Local Dry Cleaner in Farragut


Are you a regular visitor to your local dry cleaner in Farragut? If so, maybe it has crossed your mind from time to time what does dry cleaning actually involve. The name 'dry' cleaning suggests that no water is involved, but how can that be? How can clothes be cleaned without using water? The short answer is that although water is not used in dry cleaning, the items do still get wet! However, it is a dry cleaning solvent that only wets the surface layers of the fabric and will not penetrate deep into the fibers. That's why it is considered 'dry.'

Let's take a closer look at what happens behind the scenes when you bring your clothing to your local dry cleaner in Farragut.

Tagging Your Items

When you bring your clothing or other textile items to your local dry cleaner in Farragut, the first step is to tag them. This is not part of the dry cleaning process itself, but it does help us to make sure we can identify your items and they will not be mixed up with another client's dry cleaning. It's a simple but crucial step!

Inspecting the Garments

Each garment needs to be carefully inspected before the cleaning process can begin. We need to check that all pockets are empty and see if there are any existing rips, tears, or missing buttons. If anything is found in the pockets, it will be bagged and returned to you when you collect your dry cleaning. We will also examine the item for stains that might need extra attention or pre-treatment during the inspection. This is particularly important for stubborn stains.

Now For The Dry Cleaning

Once everything has been tagged, inspected, and pre-treated if necessary, it's time to get the dry cleaning process started. As mentioned earlier, your dry cleaner does not use water and detergent! Instead, a chemical solvent is used to remove dirt, grease, and stains from the fabric. The chemical is then extracted and can be reused. A dry cleaner can use many different solvents depending on the type of fabric and even how heavily stained the garment is.

Fun Fact! Did you know that Farragut Cleaners is a Certified Environmental Dry Cleaner? This means our cleaning process is safe energy-efficient, and we use non-toxic cleaning materials! Just one more reason to choose us as your local dry cleaner in Farragut!

Post-Spotting & Finishing

Once the item has been cleaned, it is checked over once again for any lingering stains, which will then be spot treated to remove them altogether. The last step is the finishing which is where the garment is pressed or steamed before reshaping, leaving it looking like a brand new garment! It is then packaged in a protective cover awaiting pick up from your local dry cleaner in Farragut.

Fun Fact! An experienced dry cleaner should be able to eradicate most stains. However, a small number are particularly stubborn and may leave a slight mark no matter how hard the cleaner tries to remove it all. These include sun-faded or bleached-out spots, stripped or faded dye, foreign dye deposits, and tannin stains set over time or by heat.

Do I Really Need a Dry Cleaner?

If, even after reading what an in-depth process dry cleaning is, you are still wondering if it is worth taking your clothes to your local dry cleaner in Farragut, then take heed of the following facts:

  • Delicate fabrics, including cashmere and wool, are regularly ruined in domestic washers.
  • Dry cleaning prioritizes caring for the material so that clothes won't stretch or shrink!
  • Some stains, like grease or oil, will likely never come out in a domestic wash and need dry cleaning.

In short, if you want the best for your clothes, dry cleaning is the answer!



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