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Clothes You Should & Shouldn’t Dry Clean!

Clothes You Should & Shouldn’t Dry Clean!

If you want your wardrobe to stay looking great, it is important to care for your clothes appropriately. Part of that is knowing when it is safe to wash your clothes at home and when you need to take them in for dry cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee. Here are some of the types of clothing you need to dry clean and those you can continue to wash at home.

Silk Clothing

While silk is considered a delicate fabric, silk clothing can last a lifetime with the proper care! If you own any silk blouses, shirts, or dresses, they may have a handwash care label attached. However, the best option is to go a step further and take your silk items for dry cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee, to make sure they are handled with care and attention. All of your silk garments will benefit from dry cleaning, but it is especially true for print, vivid, dark-colored, and lined garments, as these need particular care and attention.

Embellished & Sequined Garments

When you wash embellished fabrics in a standard washing machine, there is a considerable risk that they will come loose due to the agitation. Not only will this ruin your favorite clothing, but you will also find yourself having to spend hours picking sequins and beads out of the washer! Why not avoid this entirely by ensuring all of your sequined or embellished garments are taken for dry cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee? Your dry cleaner is able to clean these delicate items without causing any damage to the added embellishments. That applies to embellished textile items and clothing, so you can also dry clean your fancy cushion covers, drapes, or bedspreads.


If you have anything that is made from Rayon, you need to be aware that it is not designed to be washed in a residential washer. A standard wash cycle will be unable to clean this material, so it is important to take it for dry cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee. Your dry cleaner has the detergents, equipment, and, most importantly, skill to get stains and odors out of rayon garments.

Business Suits

Your suit is one type of garment that needs to be taken for dry cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee. Washing a suit in a standard wash will change the fit and the shape. Your once perfectly tailored suit will end up tight and misshapen if you risk throwing it in the washer. Your dry cleaner has the skill to clean your suit without damaging it, meaning you can have peace of mind that when you need to dress sharp and make a great impression, your suit isn’t going to let you down!


Wool can be a tricky fabric when it comes to cleaning. Technically, you may find some wool garments that say they can be machine-washed. However, dry cleaning them is a better option. Washing can make woolen items change shape, leaving you with short, boxy sweaters! If you want to help your wool garments keep their desired shape, it is better to dry clean them regardless of what the care label might say!

Lined Garments

When clothing is lined, you must make sure that the lining stays properly aligned with the garment. Using a washing machine can alter the lining, which can, in turn, make the garment ill-fitting. Having your lined items cleaned at your local dry cleaning ensures that the lining will not be damaged, keeping your clothing looking like new for longer.

Linen Items

It is possible to machine wash most linen items. They can be washed and ironed and are ready for you to wear. However, it is always important to check the care label when purchasing a new piece of linen clothing, as some will be marked as dry clean only. You will need to keep track of which of your linen pieces need to be taken for dry cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee.


Denim jeans can be machine-washed, but you should use cold water and hang them to dry as the dryer can shrink the fabric. If you have raw denim, it is best to avoid washing for as long as possible. Treat stains as they happen, but try to put it through a complete wash only when it is absolutely necessary. When the time comes, soak the denim in cold water to stop the dye bleeding and air dry to avoid shrinkage. If you have high-end designer jeans, taking them for dry cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee, may be the better option to keep them looking great for longer.

Synthetic Fabrics

Most people will find that the majority of their wardrobe consists of synthetic fabrics. The great thing about these is that they can be easily machine-washed. We recommend using the delicate or low cycle to preserve the fabric and choose to air dry them instead of throwing them in the dryer. This will help your clothes to last longer.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some idea about which fabrics are safe to machine wash at home and which ones will need to be taken for dry cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee. If you have any questions, we are always happy to offer advice.


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