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Clothing Wear and Tear? Consider Repair!


It’s a rough life out there. And our clothing often pays the price. From rough and tumble weekends with the friends to more formal evenings where there’s a mishap with slamming your poor dress in the car door, your clothing suffers the consequences of your crazy life. At Farragut Dry Cleaners, we see it all. And we repair it all. Daily beatings of everyday clothing and constant washing add to bedraggled shirts, pants, and everything in between.

Common Laundry Room Mistakes Contribute to Several Issues

Chances are you’re a victim of one of these common clothing problems. Luckily, for many of the offenses, repairs can be made -

  • Holes – The number one problem people face with their well-loved clothing. Holes don’t simply consist of a gaping void directly in the knees of your jeans. They come in all sizes and varieties. If you own a cat who loves to tenderize you with love (and their claws), you may spot some tiny holes all over various parts of your clothing. You can also thank constant friction, pins, and various other sources for adding holes to your threads.
  • Ripped Seams – Did you stretch a little too far-reaching the cup at the top of your cabinet? Did you hear a swift ripping sound and suddenly realize you popped the stitches in your shoulder? Commercially-made clothing is notorious for quick and weak stitching. Farragut Dry Cleaners can strengthen your clothing to keep you from an embarrassing moment when your weak seams would succumb to the pressure.
  • Color Bleeding – Red socks don’t belong in the load with your white blouses! There are rules about this! If somehow you missed the countless jokes about pink laundry resulting from a rogue red sock, check with Farragut Dry Cleaners, and let’s see if we can whiten up the colors from your mishap.
  • Stretched Waist Bands – Stretchy materials take on stress and eventually lose their elasticity over time. Pants or skirts start shimmying down accidentally. The most loved bottoms inevitably stretch out. Replacing the worn material can restore the pants, skirts, etc., so they stay snug around your waist.
  • Popped Buttons – Buttons flying off the shirt or pants due to stress or constant wear commonly occurs. Replacing them is easy and saves you the heartache of tossing perfectly good clothing just because a button needs replacing.
  • Stains – They may make for a good story, but that’s the only place you want stains - in your memory. At Farragut Dry Cleaners, we can look at Friday night’s wine stain and see if we can professionally remove the unintentional memento from the weekend’s festivities.
  • Zippers – Stubborn and frustrating at times, zippers jam, go off track, gnarl fabric, and break. Luckily zippers can be replaced when you bring your damaged piece to Farragut Dry Cleaners.

You can remedy some of the most common issues at home. When you need to step it up and involve a professional, let Farragut Dry Cleaners work on your repairs.

Need More Than a Fix? Alteration Options

Your cousin’s big wedding day is barreling down on you like a late freight train on a mission to make up lost time. Suddenly you’re scrambling for a spectacular solution to wow the crowd. You remember your prom dress from five years and two sizes ago. Simple repairs won’t cut it on this mission. Farragut Dry Cleaners can provide alteration services to save your wallet from purchasing more formal attire.

Why Just Alter vs. Buy New?

  • It’s doubtful anyone will remember what you wore in the past. And if they did, they’ll likely swoon over you, recalling how beautiful or dashing you looked in the first place.
  • Save a good chunk of change instead of buying a whole new ensemble. If you already have the main outfit, it’s likely you also have the accessories and shoes required to finish off the look. Or, if you want to freshen it up, you’ll have an extra budget to buy those additional accent pieces.
  • It worked once, right? If it fits you perfectly in the first place and you fell in love with a timeless piece, why not go out and flaunt it again?
  • At Farragut Dry Cleaners, we’ll work our magic to alter your best formal wear to impress the most discerning of attendees.

You probably realize that what you dress yourself in daily can take quite a beating; there are so many ways it can be damaged. Consider repairing it to save it from the landfill after your best or most worn but loved outfit sustains some wear and tear. Farragut Dry Cleaners will work with you to restore the clothing back to a condition you’d be happy wearing out to hit the town.

Farragut Cleaners is your locally owned and operated full-service dry cleaner. From dry cleaning to alterations and wedding dress preservation to home textiles, we are here to keep you fresh, clean, and looking & feeling impeccable.



Farragut Cleaners is your locally owned and operated full-service dry cleaner. From dry cleaning to alterations and wedding dress preservation to home textiles, we are here to keep you fresh, clean, and looking & feeling impeccable.

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