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Do’s and Don’ts of Formal Wear Care


Kids buzz around with excitement about their prom, like busy bees zipping around the hive. They’re meticulously picking out their finest outfit for the night. Those formal clothes will take a beating on prom night. Once the music falls silent and the sun creeps up the next day, the dresses and suits probably will be lying in a heap on the ground. The formalwear will need to be cleaned to restore the clothing to pristine condition. Farragut Dry Cleaners has your back.

Cleaning and Care

Once recuperated from the prom, Farragut Dry Cleaners should be your first stop. We’ll clean and repair any damage sustained from the hard night of dancing. Here are some general tips on caring for your formalwear. Taking measures to care for your dress clothes properly will guarantee longevity. That way, you get your money’s worth and can wear it next time a fancy function comes up.

  • DO read the label on your formalwear. Often this type of dress clothing requires dry cleaning only. If so, the maker of your dress or suit recommends you leave the cleaning to the experts to avoid unnecessary damage.
  • DON’T toss the formalwear in a hamper or clothes chute as soon as you come home. Even if you’re using Farragut Dry Cleaners to care for your dress post-prom, you don’t want it crumpled up in a ball until it arrives for its care at the dry cleaners. Hang it up and keep it straight until you take it for the cleaning.
  • DO consider repairs if your formal wear has sustained any damage. You can keep the monstrous snag in your memory vs. keeping it on the dress. You don’t want to see shredded threads the day before you’re planning on wearing your gown for the next big event.
  • DON’T wait to treat stains. If you’re able to, you should address the stain ASAP. If you catch the stain while still at the prom or any other formal event, dab the fabric (not scrub) to attempt to pull the stain out. Note – different cleaning solutions are often used depending on what landed on the dress. Do what you can at the time of the incident. Then, make sure to use Farragut Dry Cleaners to work on the permanent removal.


Storage becomes the next consideration once your clothing sparkles with cleanliness. Farragut Dry Cleaners will return your formal wear to you in perfect condition. Packing it up or hanging it neatly promises to pay off in the end when you’re ready to don that formal dress once more. If you’re storing the gown or suit yourself,

  • DO consider proper storage for a future event. Prom gowns don’t have to be a one-and-done scenario. You never know when the next wedding may pop up, and this dress could be the hit of the reception (next to the bride’s, of course).
  • DO hang up the clothing or pack it back in its original box. If you hang it up, allow for plenty of breathing room from other clothing.
  • DON’T crumple up the dress and shove it in with the random clothes you store away for next season. No gown will pull out of cramped quarters ready to go, and that’s if you even remember where you shoved it.
  • DO consider applying bug repellant so no nasty beasties come assaulting your clothing while it waits for its subsequent use.
  • DON’T store your formalwear in damp places such as basements. ‘Musty’ will never be the scent of the year. If this does happen, Farragut Dry Cleaners can freshen up your dress to ensure you don’t smell like a dungeon when you attend your next formal event.

After dry cleaning and repairs, Farragut Dry Cleaners will return the formalwear to you in brand-new shape.

Prom season marks a significant threshold in a high schooler’s life. It’s the end of a school year, the end of an era, and the beginning of a graduate’s next chapter. The actual prom night may only last a few hours but will be burned in the memories of all who attended for a lifetime. Some of their stories may involve the battle wounds of their dresses or suits. Let those scars remain as memories and good stories vs. being reminded of the clothing’s poor condition next time it’s pulled for a wedding or other big event. Contact Farragut Dry Cleaners to take your finest threads and treat them with the respect you need. We’ll make sure your formal wear is pristine and preserved for the future.



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