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Dress to Impress – Keep Workwear Ready!


The face of the work world changed over the past few years. Some people have found themselves set up at home full time, sporting sweatpants and tee shirts while leading meetings. And some work for more casual companies, like tech companies, and often dress down.

We see these circumstances in the headlines, making it easy to forget how many out there still go into the office, dress up, and may need dry cleaning in Knoxville. Even if the job doesn't dictate a formal dress code, some workers still opt to don the delicate threads to feel good and project themselves in the way they desire.

Work Dress Codes

Do you work in an office with a dress code? Depending on the office and the owner's preferences, going into work may necessitate different work attire, some of which would best benefit from dry cleaning in Knoxville. Even if your workplace doesn't require anything more than casual, picking out and wearing clothes that let you feel your best may sport a dry clean only tag.

  • Business Formal. This one tops the list in formal terms. Often only seen at gala dinners or special award ceremonies, the best of the best formalwear would be selected in this group. Those attending would dress in dark suits or skirt suits/dress, along with a formal shirt and dress shoes.
  • Business Professional. Take a slight step down from formal business, and you land in this bucket. You may fall under this category if you work in a large corporate environment with some traditional job types. It's likely most of the threads you'd be sporting might need dry cleaning in Knoxville… think suit and tie, pencil skirt, or a button-down shirt for this category.
  • Business Casual. Don't be fooled by the name. If you see your company's policy state 'business casual,' don't run out and grab jeans and nice tops for work just yet. Business casual really means that you can skip the suit. Button-up shirts, polo tops, and nice sweaters should complement slacks, khakis, or skirts. Even in this dressed-down category, you might still need dry cleaning in Knoxville.
  • Casual. Definitely the least-restrictive dress code option, it still doesn't mean crawling into work in sweatshirts or ragged T's. If your office allows casual Fridays or you work in a more creative atmosphere, you might be dressing in these clothes. Button-down tops and blouses work well. If you decide on a t-shirt, selecting a solid color best maintains your professionalism.

Advancing in the Workplace

For those looking to climb the ladder and advance in their career, stepping up on the dress code may help. If you want to play the part, dressing for it serves as a great first step. Besides that, here are some tips on how to dress for success –

  • Dress for the part. Are you interested in management? Dress as the managers do.
  • Cover the skin. A cover-up should accompany sleeveless options for women. Bare arms could convey a too-casual message.
  • Consider color. Depending on your office and what you're trying to convey, color may say a lot. For example, red is often seen as a power color.

And if you're dressing the part, making sure you use a company that does dry cleaning in Knoxville to keep your workwear crisp and free of problems is essential.

Why a Dry Cleaner?

Donning all of the different types of workwear is the first part of conforming to your employer's dress code. Wearing the perfect ensembles to the office isn't a one-and-done thing. You need to take special care of those threads to achieve maximum life and look to your office clothing. To do that, adding visiting a business that performs dry cleaning in Knoxville to the list is the best second step. Accomplishing this offers many benefits –

  • Saving time. Separating all the different materials for different needs takes time and effort not everyone can afford.
  • Stain removal. Outfits you wear into the office are not immune to stubborn stains. And with these particular clothes, you need to make sure you professionally dry clean to rid your crispest of whites from the dingy beige coffee stain you acquired in the morning meeting.
  • Stay shrink-free. The last thing you want is to invest a ton of money into the perfect blouse only to try and wash it yourself, and it winds up small enough to fit snuggly on the cat. Let Farragut Cleaners handle your special fabrics as we perform dry cleaning in Knoxville.
  • Tailoring needs. Some workwear doesn't come off the shelf in perfect-fitting form. A dry cleaner may have services to take in that top or let out those pants, so they perfectly fit.
  • Free from wrinkles. The quickest way to walk into work and look disheveled is to be sporting crumpled clothes that look like they came out of the hamper. A professional dry cleaning service will be able to deliver you pressed tops and pants completely wrinkle-free.

You're immediately surrounded by diverse clothing styles when stepping inside an office environment. Regardless of the dress code, selecting the best items will give you the confidence to portray yourself in the light you would like.

One element to presenting yourself in the best light would be visiting a place that performs dry cleaning in Knoxville. Working with a dry cleaner completes the look, so you know you'll wear the office's sharpest, freshest ensemble.


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