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Dry Cleaning Vs. Laundry: What Should You Choose?

Local Dry Cleaner in Farragut

Did you know that the average American adult spends approximately $161 on clothing monthly? That’s about $1700 a year. When you total it up, there is a big chunk of change in your closet! When you understand the size of the financial investment you have made in your clothing, it makes sense that you take care of it properly to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. Farragut Dry Cleaners can help you to keep your garments in tip-top condition.

Why is Proper Care So Important?

How often have you thrown something into the dryer only for it to come out shrunk or misshapen? It’s happened to us all at some point, and the problem is usually that the care label was ignored! Not washing your clothes as per the recommendations on the care label can also cause fading, tears, and other damage. On average, around 81 pounds of clothing per person is thrown away every year. That’s a lot of waste being added to landfill! With the proper care and attention, it would be possible to reduce the amount of clothing you need to discard. Aside from preserving your clothing by using proper cleaning processes, did you know that Farragut Dry Cleaners can also offer repairs? There is no need to discard your favorite items because of loose hems, missing buttons, or ripped seams. It can be repaired and given a new lease on life!

Always Check the Label

The first thing you need to do before cleaning any item of clothing is to check out the care label. This can give you a wealth of information, including which temperature it should be washed at and if it is suitable for machine washing. It will also state if the item needs to be dry cleaned! If you see the words ‘Dry Clean Only,’ it is there for a reason and should be followed. There are several reasons why a garment may be dry clean only. There could be some delicate trim or embellishment, or the fabric itself could be delicate. Wool, silk, and linen are some fabrics that require dry cleaning to avoid fading or becoming misshapen when washed. It is essential to take these items to Farragut Dry Cleaners.

What If It Doesn’t Mention Dry Cleaning?

There are some occasions when the label may not specifically mention needing to be dry cleaned, but you still wonder if that might be the best option to keep it clean and in good condition. So, how do you know if you can throw it in the laundry or if you need to take it to Farragut Dry Cleaners? Here are a few things to look at that can help you decide.

  • Stains or Spots - If you have stains or spots on the garment that you don’t know how to deal with, then taking the item to Farragut Dry Cleaners is the best choice, as they can remove the stain carefully without damaging the fabric.
  • Layers & Trim - If your garment has multiple layers, like a suit jacket, it is best to dry clean it. Although the outer layer may be washable as per the care label, often the interfacing and lining are not, and putting it through a standard wash will warp it. Similarly, if your garment has any trim or embellishment that is not the same fabric as the main part of the garment, it may need to be dry cleaned.
  • Non-Colorfast Items - Another reason to take garments to Farragut Dry Cleaners is if they are not colorfast. This is because when the fabric gets wet, the dye can transfer to other items ruining your whole load of laundry! To test whether the item is colorfast, take a clean cotton swab and wet it. Rub the wet swab on the fabric. If it has any color on the swab, then you should dry clean the item to prevent dye transfer and fading of the color.
  • Pleats & Tucks - Do you have any skirts with multiple pleats and tucks? If you have ever tried to iron it, then you know it can be tricky. Save yourself the stress and take it to Farragut Dry Cleaners, who will ensure the pleats and tucks stay crisp and straight while it is cleaned.

We spend a lot of money on our clothing, so it is wise to keep them in the best possible condition to reduce waste and save money replacing them! Taking your clothes to be cleaned at Farragut Dry Cleaners can help them last longer. If you are still determining if an item is supposed to be dry-cleaned or not, it is always better to err on the side of caution and take it anyway.


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