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Dry Cleaning your Formalwear


We all know how much fun it is shopping for clothes, especially when it’s time for an important event like a Gala Dinner, a Wedding or some other formal event. Many of us have spent a lot of time, maybe several weeks, searching for the perfect dress or just the right tuxedo. Now is the time to make sure that your carefully chosen formal wear stays looking picture perfect!. Don’t worry, Farragut dry cleaners has you covered for your big night and beyond!

Preparing Your Formal Wear Before the Big Night

As your special event approaches, there are a few preparations you can take to make sure that your dress or tuxedo is looking perfect for the big night.

Carrying out Alterations

Once you get your dress, either a brand-new one or a second-hand one, you need to alter the dress to be a perfect fit for you. The alteration specialists at Farragut dry cleaners can help you with the alterations that need to be carried out. The same goes for any men who need an adjustment to their suits or tuxedos.

Getting Rid of Wrinkles and Creases

Sometimes buying your dress well ahead of time can mean leaving it in storage for a few weeks. If you bring it out and find it wrinkled or creased there is no need to panic. Just get your gown to Farragut dry cleaners, and the wrinkles will be removed in no time.

Removing Minor Stains

If you have purchased a pre-loved formal dress, or if you have been a little less than careful trying it on, you may find minor stains from deodorant, makeup, or body oil. Even a small stain can be enough to make you feel like your prom night is spoiled! Don’t panic! Farragut dry cleaners can help you clear those minor stains and spots in no time at all.

What To Do After the Event is Over?

So, now that you have enjoyed the event and danced throughout the night with your friends, and hopefully had a fantastic time. What happens to your formal wear after the party is over?

The day after, it is possible that your dress may have some marks, stains, or a tear/hole that requires urgent attention. You may also find some of the beading and sequins which are damaged. It is also possible that you have accidentally dropped some soda or wine on your dress, it will dry out. However, it will eventually discolor the dress and will be very difficult to remove. Once you have closely examined your dress after the prom, it is important to fix and treat the stains and repair any tears on the dress.

You will want to preserve your dress for the happy memories it represents, but you may also want to wear it again at an event in the future. That is why it is important to get your dress dry cleaned and placed safely in your closet or storage area as soon as possible. Farragut dry cleaners can take care of this for you. We don’t recommend attempting to remove stains at home as it could damage the fabric of your formal wear if you use an inappropriate technique.

Tips for Storing Your Formal Dresses

Your formalwear is not like your daily clothing. Hence, you need to take good care of it and store it properly to ensure that it looks suitable for the big day and future events where you may decide to wear it! 

  • After dry cleaning, select a cool and dry place to store your party dress.
  • Store the dress flat in a box and avoid any significant folding.
  • If you can’t store it flat, hang the dress in your cupboard using a hanger.
  • Don’t expose the dress to direct sunlight.
  • Use insect or moth repellents to keep the bugs away.
  • Add a lavender-scented pouch to keep the dress freshly scented.
  • Pull out the garment regularly to check the condition.



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