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Have You Made a Start on Your Spring Cleaning?


It’s almost that time of year again! Spring cleaning is an annual tradition for many of us, and something is satisfying about having the house completely deep cleaned and smelling fresh. Have you already started making plans for all the tasks that need to be done? Maybe you have already gotten a head start on the cleaning! But, have you ever wondered where this annual tradition came from?

Let’s explore the history of spring cleaning and take a look at how your local Farragut can help with the task.

Why is Spring Cleaning a Tradition?

A few different theories explain why we have gotten into the habit of Spring cleaning our homes. Most are rooted in our cultural and religious beliefs, although biology may have a little something to do with it too. Spring cleaning can be traced back to the 1800s, thanks to the diary entries of housewives of the time. Homes had to be heated using coal or wood-burning, while light came from kerosene or whale oil lamps. All of these produce soot and grime. At the end of winter, everything would be covered in a layer of soot. Once Spring came around, it was warm enough to open windows to let soot out, and a big deep clean would be done to remove the grime of the Winter months!

However, there is also a connection to religious festivals. In Jewish culture, spring cleaning is heavily linked to Passover and is intended to rid the home of any remaining crumbs of leaven bread. For Christians, the day before Good Friday is when the church altar is cleaned, and the Greek Orthodox church cleans their homes the week before Lent. Iran also has religious links to Spring cleaning. The Persian New Year, or Nowruz, falls on the first day of Spring, and as part of the 13-day celebration, the home is to be cleaned.

Finally, Spring cleaning could also be linked to our biology. We don’t fully hibernate like some mammals, but we become more sluggish and sleepier in the Winter months thanks to extra melatonin released in our brains because of fewer daylight hours. This means we have less energy to tackle large tasks. However, come Spring and the longer days, melatonin production subsides, leaving more energy to tackle those cobwebs and dust bunnies!

Cleaning Your Curtains

Curtains are often one of the textiles in your home that gets neglected when cleaning. After all, how dirty can they get just hanging there! The answer is - a lot! Your curtains naturally attract dust and absorb all of the odors that pass through your home. Ideally, it would help to clean your curtains every 3 to 6 months. Spring Cleaning is the perfect time to take all of your curtains down and clean them thoroughly. However, this can be tricky to do at home because they may be bulky and because they may incorporate delicate fabrics. The easiest solution is to take your curtains to your local Farragut dry cleaners, who can professionally clean them for you.

Comforters & Bedding

Another big task on the Spring cleaning list is the cleaning and flipping your mattresses. You might as well take that opportunity to clean all of your bedding while the bed is stripped down. Washing comforters, bedspreads, and blankets can be tricky in a domestic washer due to the large size, and handling a wet comforter is cumbersome! Make life easier for yourself, and take these more oversized items to your local Farragut dry cleaners.

Packing Away Winter Coats

As the weather gets warmer, you may be thinking about packing away your winter clothing, especially coats. It is important to follow specific steps to make sure your clothes survive in storage and come out looking great. Here are a few tips for storing Winter clothes:

  • Clean your clothes before packing them away. Take coats to your local Farragut dry cleaners and eliminate any hidden stains and odors that might attract pests.
  • Consider adding lavender or cedar to your storage bins to deter moths without the unpleasant smell of mothballs!
  • Don’t overstuff your storage bins. It can be tempting to cram as much as possible into one box, but this results in crumpled and misshapen clothing.
  • Use acid-free tissue paper to wrap delicate or vintage fabrics.
  • Choose the storage area wisely. Basements and attics may be prone to mold and mildew and may not have an even temperature.

These are just a few of the cleaning tasks that your local Farragut dry cleaners can help with, not just in the Spring but all year round.



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