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How Dressing Up Affects Your Mood & Motivation


How much time do you spend choosing the clothes you wear? Are you someone who always takes your clothes to a Dry Cleaner in Farragut regularly and plans out the perfect outfit for every occasion? Or, are you someone who has a few staple items that all go with each other that you can pull on and be ready in five minutes? Whichever description sounds like you, let’s look at how the clothes you wear could affect your mood and motivation!

Introducing Dopamine Dressing

A big trend for 2022 that you may already have heard about is Dopamine Dressing. It is based on the idea that colors, styles, and textures have psychological associations and can often be tied to some of your best memories. Dopamine dressing is the act of intentionally choosing clothes that will positively impact your mood!

Fun Fact! What is Dopamine? It is a neurotransmitter made by the body which plays a big part in how we experience pleasure. It also helps us to think and plan when we are interested in something.

This is going to look different for everyone. While one person may get joy from an old, well-loved sweater that is soft and comfortable, someone else might feel at their best in a pretty dress or a fresh, crisp shirt just collected from their dry cleaner in Farragut. It’s all about the psychological connection we make with those clothes. If wearing a crisp shirt makes you feel more confident and ambitious, then use it to your advantage! If it is comfort you crave, that’s when you reach for that soft sweater that has seen you through so many cozy nights cuddled up on the couch!

Dressing for Working at Home

One of the main reasons why the trend of dopamine dressing is gaining popularity in 2022 is that during the pandemic, our daily routines were heavily disrupted. When there was nowhere to go, there was less reason to put any effort into dressing. We consigned party clothes to the back of the closet, and sweat pants and pajamas became the key pieces in our wardrobes. However, whether you realized it or not, this probably contributed to the stress, depression, and lethargy that you may have been experiencing while cooped up at home.

That’s why as a dry cleaner in Farragut, we recommend always dressing for work, even if you are working at home. It comes back around to the psychological connections we make to our clothes. If you spend a day working from home in your sweatpants, you will likely achieve less. In comparison, if you take the time to put on a clean shirt, slack, or a formal dress, you will put your mind into work mode and be far more efficient.

We Make Snap Judgements Based on Appearance

Whether you like it or not, you will always be judged by your appearance, it is human nature, and we all do it to some extent. Our clothes play a significant role in that. It’s part of why as your number one dry cleaner in Farragut, we want to help our customers look their best whatever they are wearing. If you have a job interview or an important meeting, we are here to help you have a fresh, crisp shirt ready to put on. If you have a first date and you need that special dress that makes you feel extra glamorous, we’ve got that covered too! We can also do alterations and repairs if needed!

The interesting thing is that it is not just other people who judge us based on what we wear. We are also doing it to ourselves! As already noted, the clothes we wear can change our mood and help us feel more motivated, but they can also change how we act. A great example of this is a term you have probably heard of before - power suit! This refers to a perfectly tailored smart suit that gives you more confidence and maybe even a little more dominant. This is the suit you grab when you need to be seen as the boss in a situation. It is worn almost like a suit of armor and gives you the drive and power you need to make big decisions. It does all of this because when we look at ourselves wearing it, we make a judgment in the mirror and see a smart, confident person! As your dry cleaner in Farragut, we understand how important that suit is to you, and we will always handle it with the care and respect it deserves!



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