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How Often Do You Need to Dry Clean Your Clothes?

How Often Do You Need to Dry Clean Your Clothes?

As a Knoxville dry cleaner, one of the questions we get most often from our customers is how often they need to bring their garments to us for cleaning. The answer is going to depend on what type of garment you need to be cleaned. Dry cleaning will help to preserve the life of your clothes, but it is important not to overdo it; otherwise, it might have the opposite effect. Let's take a look at how often you should be taking your clothes to your Knoxville dry cleaner.

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a specialized cleaning process for clothing and textiles that uses a chemical solvent, typically perchloroethylene (commonly known as "perc"), to remove stains and dirt. Unlike traditional laundering, which uses water, dry cleaning uses a solvent that does not penetrate the fibers of the fabric. This makes it suitable for delicate fabrics that may be damaged by water.

The process involves placing the garments in a machine resembling a large washing machine. They are soaked in the solvent, agitated to remove stains, and dried. After this process, the garments are pressed and finished. Dry cleaning is particularly useful for garments made from natural fibers like wool or silk, as well as for items with intricate detailing or embellishments that water could damage. It's also used for fabrics that may shrink or lose shape when exposed to water.

Blouses & Shirts

If you think about blouses, this is the type of garment that you wear close to your skin. This means that it is going to absorb sweat and body oils. This sort of clothing needs to be taken to your Knoxville dry cleaner after being worn three to four times, although you will want to reduce that to one or two wears in warmer weather when you are going to be sweating a little more than usual.

Pants & Skirts

Pants and skirts can be left for longer between dry cleaner visits since they are typically made from solid fabrics that don't tend to crease. Wool pants, in particular, are very resistant to stains. As long as you have not directly spilled anything on your pants or skirt, you can wear them up to 5 times before heading to your Knoxville dry cleaner!


Formal or business suits do not really come into close contact with your skin, so you need only take it to a Knoxville dry cleaner after five or six times wearing it. For formal suits only worn to special occasions, you can get away with dry cleaning it once per season, assuming nothing gets spilled on it. One tip to keep in mind is that all suit pieces should be dry cleaned at the same time to avoid uneven wear or discoloration. So, even if you only wore the jacket but not the pants, you should dry clean both to keep it consistent.


Since your coats and jackets do not come into contact with your skin, they are not going to absorb any sweat or body oils. However, they will still get dirty. They pick up dirt from pollution, airborne dust and pollen, and even the rain. However, this is not as noticeable as the dirt your other pieces of clothing gather, so you only need to take coats and jackets to a Knoxville dry cleaner once per season to keep them looking fresh and clean. It is a good idea to have them dry cleaned when you switch out your seasonal wardrobe; then, you can pack it away knowing it will be clean the next time you pull it out to wear it.


When it comes to high maintenance, dresses are among the trickiest pieces of clothing in your wardrobe, and they require the most care and attention to stay looking their best! It is important to dry clean them after every wear - two at a push! Since they tend to have embellishments, pleats, and other detailing, it is best to take your dresses to a Knoxville dry cleaner instead of throwing them in the washer at home, which will help them preserve their shape and appearance for longer.

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