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How to Choose a Great Dry Cleaner

How to Choose a Great Dry Cleaner

When it comes to selecting a dry cleaner in Farragut, many people choose the closest one to their home or place of work without giving it too much thought. However, not all dry cleaners are created equal, so you should put more effort into choosing the right dry cleaner in Farragut. Choosing the wrong one could cost you time and money if your clothing ends up damaged, and you may even find that your health is impacted if they are not following industry regulations correctly. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the things you should consider when choosing a dry cleaner in Farragut.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a specialized cleaning process that uses a chemical solvent, typically perchloroethylene (commonly known as "perc"), to clean fabrics and garments without the use of water. Unlike traditional laundry methods, which involve immersion in water, dry cleaning is called so because it doesn't involve any liquid. Instead, the process begins with the pre-treatment of stains and spots using a variety of specialized solvents and spotting agents. The garments are then placed in a large drum-like machine filled with the dry cleaning solvent. This machine agitates the solvent, effectively removing dirt, oils, and stains from the fabric. Once cleaned, the solvent is filtered and recycled for future use, making dry cleaning a relatively eco-friendly option. Finally, the cleaned garments are pressed and finished to restore their original appearance. Dry cleaning is especially favored for delicate fabrics, intricate designs, and items susceptible to shrinkage or color bleeding if exposed to water.

What Are Your Needs?

The first thing to consider is what exactly you need from a dry cleaner in Farragut. Are you interested in a one-time clean for a large item like a comforter or a one-off dry cleaning of a wedding gown before it is packed away to preserve your memories? If so, you will want to look for a local dry cleaner offering those services. Here at Farragut Cleaners, we actually specialize in wedding gown preservation, and all five of our locations are equipped to handle your larger textile items like comforters, drapes, and other bedding. Maybe your priority in choosing a dry cleaner will focus more on regular visits to handle your work shirts and business suits. You may even need your garments repaired or altered. These are all services that are offered at Farragut Cleaners.

Look for Experience

Dry cleaning is not something that you learn overnight. It takes a great deal of skill and knowledge, which can only be achieved through experience working in the industry. We have served the local community for over 40 years at Farragut Cleaners! Farragut Cleaners has been at our main Farragut location since 1946. Our father worked for the original owners before purchasing the business in 1990. It remains a family-run business to this day, and we have not only taken over occupancy of the entire building here, but the business has also expanded to include four additional locations in the surrounding area. When looking for an experienced dry cleaner in Farragut, you will struggle to find one with more experience than Farragut Cleaners, both in terms of dry cleaning and being part of the local community.

It's All About Reputation

As with all service-based industries, one of the best ways to find a great dry cleaner in Farragut is through word of mouth! Ask around your friends, colleagues, and neighbors to find out where they take their dry cleaning! If they will trust their own clothes to a specific dry cleaner, it is a good indication that you can too! If you don't get any recommendations, you can always check online reviews to gauge what type of experience other customers have had. Did you know that Farragut Cleaners has been nominated the best dry cleaner in Farragut in the Farragutpress Reader's Choice Awards in 2021, 202, and 2023? We are proud to be our community's number one choice!

Value For Money

For many people, price is a key factor in choosing a dry cleaner in Farragut! After all, we are all trying to stretch our budgets further these days. However, you cannot compromise on a quality service when it comes to dry cleaning. Sometimes, choosing the cheapest option is a false economy as it is not a good service, and you might have to have your clothing cleaned again elsewhere! Similarly, just because a dry cleaner is expensive doesn't necessarily mean they are the best! You should look for a dry cleaner in Farragut that offers good value for money. Who can provide quality service at an affordable cost?

Let's Talk About Extra Perks!

If you are still struggling to decide which dry cleaner in Farragut you should choose, it might come down to the extra perks that make one stand out. For example, if you are passionate about protecting the environment, you may be interested to know that Farragut Cleaners is a Certified Environmental Cleaner, meaning we have proven our knowledge of environmental regulation and proper waste handling, and we adhere to the Professional Standards of Certified Dry Cleaners. We also have onsite alterations and repairs at all our locations in addition to our dry cleaning services.


Farragut Cleaners is your locally owned and operated full-service dry cleaner. From dry cleaning to alterations and wedding dress preservation to home textiles, we are here to keep you fresh, clean, and looking & feeling impeccable.

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