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How to Preserve Your Wedding Gown

Local Dry Cleaner in Farragut

Your wedding day will always be a special memory, but did you know that your local dry cleaner in Farragut can help you to preserve those memories forever by preserving your wedding gown? It is common for brides to save their wedding dress to pass down to their daughter or granddaughter in the future, but all too often, these precious items are put away in storage only to get destroyed because they have not been appropriately preserved. Let’s take a look at why you should enlist professional help from your local dry cleaner in Farragut to protect your wedding dress while it is in storage.

What is Wedding Dress Preservation?

Wedding dress preservation is exactly what the name suggests. It is the process of having a professional service clean and preserve your wedding dress to put into storage. It is important to do this correctly in order to avoid stains, creasing, and yellowing of the fabric. It’s never too late to have your wedding dress preserved. While you should ideally start the process as soon after your wedding as possible to avoid any yellowing of the fabric, you can still do it even if your wedding dress has been hanging in your closet for a couple of years since your wedding!

Start With Dry Cleaning

The first thing you need to do before preserving your wedding dress for storage is to make sure that it is clean. You may only wear the gown for a couple of hours, but you would be surprised at just how much dirt it can accumulate, including sweat, body oils, makeup, grass, food, and more! It is best to take your gown to a local dry cleaner in Farragut as soon after the wedding as possible. Many brides will arrange for a bridesmaid or maid of honor to collect the dress and drop it at the dry cleaner the day after the wedding. However, if for any reason you didn’t dry clean your dress at the time, even years after the wedding, you should still have it cleaned before you go about preserving it! This will remove any stains and odors from the garment before it is packed away, which will help to avoid attracting moths and other pests.

Prepping For Preservation

Once the wedding dress has been professionally cleaned by your local dry cleaner in Farragut, it is time to prepare it for preservation. Acid-free tissue is the best product to use to protect the fabric; it should also be lignin free. This must be white, as colored tissue may bleed and stain the dress. The sleeves and the bust should be stuffed with tissue to help preserve the shape. The dress can then be carefully folded with a sheet of tissue is then tucked between every fold to prevent creasing. It can then be wrapped in layers of acid-free tissue for additional protection.

Boxing Up The Dress

Once cleaned and wrapped, the wedding dress is placed into an airtight preservation box that is also acid-free. It is important to wait to open the box until you intend to take it out and use it, or at least limit how often you do so. Every time you open the box, it allows sunlight and other potential contaminants inside, which could degrade the fabric. The box should be stored safely somewhere out of the way. It is best to avoid attics, basements, and garages as these can have fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels. A cool, dark place is the perfect environment for preserving your gown.

What Happens If It Isn’t Properly Preserved?

You may wonder why following the correct processes when having a local dry cleaner in Farragut preserve your wedding dress is so important. The truth is, if you don’t store it properly, you risk yellowing of the fabric, unsightly dark oxidation spots, permanent creases in the fabric, and the potential for mold and mildew to grow on your dress. Wedding gowns are delicate and often intricately embellished. If it gets stained, it is trickier to clean than any other dress, as special care has to be taken for the delicate aspects of the dress.

Why Choose Farragut Cleaners?

At Farragut Cleaners, we understand that your wedding dress is precious, and we want to preserve those special memories attached to it forever. When you choose your local dry cleaner in Farragut to preserve your wedding dress, we use tried and tested techniques to clean your gown before carefully wrapping and boxing it for you. We are happy to advise where to store the box once you take it home. We have a wealth of experience handling delicate and intricate fabrics such as lace, beading, and silk, ensuring we work with them safely and without risking damage.


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