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Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh With Help From Your Local Dry Cleaner


If you are a gentleman who likes to look sharp, you probably have a closet full of shirts, blazers, suits, and other clothing. The best way to keep that clothing looking great is with a bit of help from your local dry cleaner

Which Garments Should I Dry Clean?

When you decide which of your clothing items to take to the local dry cleaner, you will need to pay attention to the fabric. Silks, velvet, and wool should always be dry cleaned, and so should blends containing those fabrics. You can safely wash things like cotton, cashmere, nylon, and acrylic at home, but if you are in any doubt, take it to be dry cleaned. As a general rule, the types of clothes most men choose to dry clean are suits, vests, dress pants, lined garments, dress shirts, and overcoats.

Should I Get My Shirts Laundered?

One of the most common items of men’s clothing items your local dry cleaner handles is likely to be shirts. There is a good reason for this! When you take your dress shirts to the local dry cleaner, they will assess the fabric and choose the most appropriate dry cleaning techniques to remove staining. This will help to prolong the life of the shirts, allowing you to look sharp and fresh at all times! Dry cleaning can also help to avoid shrinkage and misshapen garments.

When is the Right Time to Dry Clean Your Suit?

It is recommended that you do not dry clean your suit too often as this can strip some of the natural oils from its fibers. However, exactly how often you do take it to your local dry cleaner is going to depend on how often you actually wear your suit. If you only wear it once or twice a year, you won’t need to take it to the local dry cleaner as often as someone who wears their suit daily. As a general rule of thumb, if brushing, airing out, and spot cleaning your suit is not cutting it, then it is time to let the professionals take over!



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