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Preparing Your Clothing For Dry Cleaning!


In order to get the best results from dry cleaning, it is important to prepare your clothing before dropping it off. Check out some of our top tips for getting your items dry cleaner ready!

Have You Checked the Tags?

The first thing you should do is check the tags on your clothing to make sure that they are actually suitable for dry cleaning. Not all garments are safe to dry clean. The care instructions on the label will let you know if it is safe or not. This will help avoid disappointment if items are returned not cleaned.

Note Any Worn Areas

Make sure that you check your items over for weak spots and worn areas including loose buttons and broken zippers. If you point these out to the dry cleaner they will be able to take additional care around these areas to avoid additional damage. If you choose a dry cleaner like Farragut Cleaners who also offer an alteration service, you can even have these areas repaired at the same time!

Check For Existing Stains

It can be helpful to your dry cleaner if you mark any stains or particularly soiled areas that you would like them to pay attention to. Some people mark them with a piece of masking tape or pinning a paper over the stain. This alerts the dry cleaners to those areas so they can be treated right away. You may also want to write on the paper what caused the stain if you know, so they can determine the best way to eliminate the stain.

Empty Your Pockets

Always remember to empty out your pockets before taking your clothing to a dry cleaner. That way you won’t lose anything important. Small items may not seem like a big deal, but things like printed paper, lipstick, pens, or candy can create unexpected stains and other damage if they are in your pockets when the garment is cleaned.