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Prom Trends Through the Years


Prom peeks around the corner like a curious cat ready to pounce. If you danced to Cyndi Lauper sporting your puffy sleeves, there’s no doubt you spent that magical night deep in the 80’s. If your style slimmed down into glittery gear and Britney Spears, it’s guaranteed you remember the 1990’s. This part you might not think about, but if you attended a prom in formal wear, it’s likely you needed a dry cleaner in Knoxville following that memorable night. Stains don’t care if it’s 1970 or 2022, they’re inevitable in any year. After someone you know comes back from the prom putting their best stain (with a story) on display, you may want to send that dress off to a dry cleaner in Knoxville. But, what would we have seen if we travel back in time?


Prom music back in the 80’s still zaps previous prom-goers back to the past. With powerhouses Phil Collins and Madonna playing all night, it’s no doubt the crowd lost track of time during the prom. Puffy, bow-intensive dresses filled the dance floors during this decade. Dramatic dresses with bold statements and crushed velvet still keep fresh in the memory of an 80’s kid. Cool Ranch Doritos and Capri-Sun stains possibly soiled some of the formal wear that night. Regardless of what dress or suit the partier wore, if you were in the Knoxville area, you’d want a dry cleaner in Knoxville such as Farragut Cleaners.


Let’s fast-forward a decade to peek in on the popular dance music of the 90’s. This decade had prom-goers thumping to deep base and acting like grown kids (which they were!). They also swayed to the soothing voice of Celine Dion. When not swooning over their date, the teens crashed around the room while Green Day assaulted the ear drums.

Girls adorned themselves in glittery and sleek dresses during this decade. Those bold bows and puffy sleeves took a back seat to this much more streamlined fashioned year. Regardless of fabric, a dry cleaner in Knoxville will always be handy.

Music works up an appetite. It’d be a shame if a pre-party pizza roll sullied the once pristine white prom dress but it’s likely it happened to someone. If the formal clothing survived early on in the evening, chocolate molten cake could have ended the night on some delicate fabric. It may be a decade later, but the need for a dry cleaner in Knoxville may be very real!


Y2K came and went but proms endured! Music for Millennials during prom in the 2000’s included Usher, Nelly, and an early Justin Timberlake. There was no shortage of entertainment during prom time for the new millennium.

Ballgowns and spaghetti straps commanded awe-struck responses in the 2000s. Complete with a shawl and date in hand, the new decade boasted its own unique fashion… a fashion that may have needed a drycleaner in Knoxville.

There’s no doubting dresses still got dirty even with the turn of a century. A dry cleaner in Knoxville was surely in as much demand as the previous decades. Snacks of the 2000’s offered many opportunities for stains. The orange glow of Cheeze Balls may be fun to threaten your friends with your coated fingers. But it becomes serious business when that crusty hand makes contact with dressy fabric. Trix yogurt wasn’t much less of a threat.


Time flies and prom is quickly approaching. After a couple of tough years, kids are ready to return to the dance floor. This year, prepare for Dojo Cat, Missy Elliott, and OutKast to be on the DJ’s list. Regardless of artist or genre, prom-goers will be dancing late into the night. This year, you may see light airy colors and empire wastes. Puffy sleeves reminiscent of the 80’s may be seen as well as delicate lace. Whatever style you see this year, you’ll want to remember that after the party you’ll want a dry cleaner in Knoxville to preserve the dress.

Expect to nosh on food that comes in small bites. Cheeses and pepperoni snacks are likely to be offered. Don’t forget that even if bite-sized, this type of food can pack a punch to your formal wear. After the night has passed and you’ve recuperated, remember to get that dress cleaned with a dry cleaner in Knoxville! Farragut Cleaners will treat that prom dress with delicate care and make sure it’s returned as pristine as the day it was purchased.

Prom stands out as one night that many young adults will remember for the rest of their lives. Not only will they reminisce anytime an old favorite song hits the radio, but they’ll recall the dress they painstakingly picked out for that one night. Even those wearing suits may recall the carnation pinned to their dapper outfit. Once the dance settles into a concrete memory, the formal wear that took a beating that night will need some TLC. Before hanging up the party dress in your closet, make sure to take it to a dry cleaner in Knoxville to give it the VIP cleaning treatment. This will ensure that the dress remains in perfect condition as it’s stored away with the memories.


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