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Should You Dry Clean Your Coats & Jackets?


Summer is bidding us farewell, and you can almost feel the crisp chill of Fall and Winter in the air. If you haven't done so, it is time to start bringing your Fall wardrobe and extra blankets out of storage! Nobody wants to get caught short by a sudden cold snap and not have a cozy jacket or coat on standby! Depending on how your garments have been stored, you might need to take them for dry cleaning in Knoxville to ensure they are fresh and clean for the Fall season.

While we are thinking about those warmer coats and jackets, let's talk about the best way to keep them clean before they get relegated to the back of the closet in Spring! Do you need to take all your coats and jackets for dry cleaning in Knoxville? Let's find out!

Down-Filled Coats & Jackets

Down-filled coats are popular as they keep the wearer nice and cozy on a cold day. However, they are not as easy to care for if you get them dirty! Throwing a down-filled jacket into the washer at home is likely to heavily displace the down, making it lumpy and reducing its ability to keep you warm. The best course of action for this coat type is to take it for dry cleaning in Knoxville if you get it dirty.

Wool Coats

Wool coats can be expensive, so most people invest in them, intending to wear them for several years. That means you will want to take great care of them to make them last as long as possible. Regarding taking wool coats for dry cleaning in Knoxville, the recommendation is to have them cleaned at the start of the colder season and then again at the end before it is put into storage. However, you cannot simply hang it up and forget about it after Winter. As it gets warmer, you will want to transfer wool coats into a suitable garment bag to protect them from moths and other insects.

Pro Tip! To keep it clean between dry cleaner visits, you can brush your wool coat with a stiff clothes brush to remove dust, hair, and other debris.

4 Reasons to Dry Clean Coats & Jackets

Still not convinced that your should be taking coats and jackets for dry cleaning in Knoxville? Let's take a look at some of the best reasons why you should make this a part of your laundry routine this Fall and Winter Season.

  • Avoid Water Damage - Certain fabrics, including wool, can be ruined when saturated with too much water. Since professional dry cleaners use solvents rather than water, taking them for dry cleaning in Knoxville will help avoid water damage.
  • Keep Embellishments Attached - One of the biggest concerns when washing coats and jackets is losing buttons, trim, or other embellishments while they are tossed around in the washer. However, since dry cleaning does not require that aggressive water rinse, your decorations should stay firmly attached!
  • Increase the Lifespan - Every time you wash your coat or jacket at home, you damage the fabric's fibers. Water and detergents will damage the material over time, meaning your jacket will wear out sooner than expected. Professional dry cleaning helps to protect the fabric by using only suitable detergents and cleaning techniques, allowing you to get a few extra winters out of your favorite warm coat.
  • Save Time & Money - How heavy is your winter jacket? Can you imagine having to wrestle it into the washer at home? Now think about the weight when it comes out sopping wet! Cleaning your coats and jackets at home is a lot of hard work! Save time and take them to the dry cleaner instead. When you tot up the cost of electricity, detergent, and more frequently replacing coats damaged in the washer - using a dry cleaner is the more affordable option.

If your coats and jackets are coming out of storage in preparation for Fall and Winter, don't forget that Farragut Cleaners is here to help if you feel they need a little freshen up.

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