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Summer Cleaning Checklist – It’s Not Just About the Clothes


Are you one of those diligent people who rotate their wardrobe each season? Or, are you someone who just shoves the winter clothes in the back of the closet as soon as the temperatures peak at 80 degrees?

Whether you’re on the ball with swapping out your clothes and having Farragut Dry Cleaners launder them, or someone who just lets it all mingle in one dresser drawer, have you thought about home textiles? Even if you’re on your game with wardrobe rotation, have you considered freshening up all of your home fabrics?

Even if you frantically overhauled your home this past spring to ditch all of the erroneous clutter you don’t need, did you take a look around and notice the fabrics stationed in your house that you don’t wear? While we love handling your clothing, Farragut Dry Cleaners also launders home textiles. Though we’re past the spring-cleaning window, it might be time to do a summer cleanse of your home textiles.

Home Inspection

Though summer consumes us with all-encompassing activities and get-togethers, rainy days crop up and remind us it’s ok to spend a day inside. On your next rainy day, take some time to perform a ‘home inspection’ of sorts and you’ll discover there’s a lot laying around that could stand a freshening up. Farragut Dry Cleaners handles an array of home textiles and if you bring them in for service, you’ll be surprised at how fresh your home feels once they’re back in place. Go through a home scavenger hut and consider bringing these items in -

  • Curtains - It’s ok. We won’t judge you. But, when’s the last time you laundered your curtains? Dry cleaning them may just add a little pep to your step when you’re buzzing around your home keeping it clean.
  • Comforters - Here’s another one we won’t judge you on. Let’s face it, they’re large, bulky, and cumbersome to manage. They often don’t undergo regular washings like sheets do as they simply sit on top of the bed, etc. But, comforters most definitely benefit from a dry-cleaning service.
  • Table cloths, linens, and chair covers - You might not think of this one as going through a dry-cleaning service. But, laundering your table cloths and linens will keep them fresh, crisp, and clean. When your company next comes and you set out your finest place settings, you’ll want a fresh tablecloth to showcase your setup.
  • Seasonal and Other items - Round out your search to seek out the unique seasonal items and check with Farragut Dry Cleaners to find out if we can clean them. If your winter collection never quite made it to the attic, you might be surprised to see what could be freshened up when you take a peek.

Enemies of the Washing Machine

If you read the tags on all of the fabric items around your house, you’ll likely see the washing instructions indicate, ‘dry clean only’. Though a washing machine is a marvelous thing and saves our backs from breaking over old washboards, not all fabrics have been woven to handle a whirl in the washer. Some materials cannot withstand a washing machine’s cycle. These are materials you should contact Farragut Dry Cleaners to see how we can expertly launder your items.

  • Viscose - Resembling cotton, Viscose is actually made from wood pulp. Though it’s a lightweight and breathable material, it easily wrinkles and weakens when wet. But the biggest issue with this material is when washed, it’s notorious for shrinking.
  • Nylon - Though often found in clothing, keep an eye out on this synthetic material. When put through a wash cycle, rather than shrinking like viscose, it typically expands and stretches.
  • Leather - Though durable and flexible, leather and laundry do not mix! Made from animal hides, leather will crack and finishings on the material can be ruined if thrown in the wash.
  • Fur - If you want a messy ruined fur accent piece in your home, the washer will do just that. If some water and wiping doesn’t do the trick, check with Farragut Dry Cleaners to see what we can do.

Next time you’re hanging out in your house, step back and take stock on all the materials that adorn your home. Then think about the last time any of these things have been cleaned or laundered. It’s so easy to be caught up in daily life that years easily slip by without attention on home fabrics. If your scavenger hunt results in piles of home materials, give a call to Farragut Dry Cleaners so we can spruce up all of your home textiles.


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