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The Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Comforters & Blankets

The Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Comforters & Blankets

If you are a regular at your local dry cleaner, you probably bring your favorite garments in reasonably often. Have you ever thought about the other items in your home that could benefit from dry cleaning? At Farragut Cleaning, we also offer textile cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee. That means you can also bring us your blankets and comforters for professional cleaning. Let’s take a look at the benefits associated with professional textile cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee.

Do They Need Cleaning?

When was the last time you actually washed your comforter or your blankets? Don’t be ashamed if it is longer than you care to admit - you are certainly not alone. It is easy to forget about washing items like this, but they are much dirtier than you might realize. Skin cells, body oils, and dust mites are lurking in the fibers of your bedding and other dirt like makeup and other cosmetics. If your pet shares your bed regularly, then there could be hair, dander, and mud! Textile cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee, probably feels like a priority right now!

Can’t I Wash It At Home?

You might be tempted to try to wash your comforter at home, but there are a few reasons why this is not a particularly good idea. First of all, the large size can be unwieldy to fit into a residential washer. Even if you can make it fit, you risk damaging the machine or the comforter itself. If you do manage to wash it, you also need to find somewhere to dry it, which could be a challenge. If you do manage to stuff your comforter into the washer, it will get bunched up and twisted as it goes through the wash cycle. This can result in twisted fabric and pockets of trapped moisture. These twists can result in lumps and bumps you may never be able to flatten. Your comforter or blankets will never be the same following a turn in the washer. When you opt for textile cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee, you don’t need to worry about this as it will not be bunched up in a tiny machine during the dry cleaning process.

Preserving the Colors

If you have been washing your blankets at home, you might have noticed that the colors are beginning to fade. This might prompt you to replace them sooner than you usually would because they are beginning to look past their best. Textile cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee, will ensure that your blankets retain their color for longer.

Protecting Your Washer

As noted above, attempting to wash a large item like a comforter at home can result in damage to your washer. Most residential washers are designed for small loads, and overloading them can lead to damage. Why risk expensive repairs when textile cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee, is available? The question is, how do you know if you are overloading your washer? It should have a maximum load size marked on it or in the manual, but that may only help if you know the weight of your comforter. One way you will be able to tell for sure is that you hear the washer make banging sounds during the wash cycle. This happens because the load is too large, and it has unbalanced the drum. If you don’t stop the cycle and readjust the load, it can cause damage. The whole situation can be avoided by using a dry cleaner for your large, bulky items like comforters and blankets.

Avoid Shrinkage

Another big reason to choose textile cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee, for your blankets and comforters is to avoid unwanted shrinkage. It might not be noticeable immediately, but your bedding will shrink slightly each time it is washed, and after a few washes, it will no longer fit your bed properly. If you have them dry-cleaned instead, this is not something that you will need to worry about. Since dry cleaning does not involve water, the fibers in your blankets and comforters will not shrink. This means you can clean them as often as you like without worrying about shrinkage.

How Often Should I Clean My Comforter?

So, now that you know the benefits of treating your comforter and blankets to professional textile cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee, the next question is how often you should clean your comforter. The answer will vary from one person to the next, but as a general rule of thumb, you can follow these timelines:

  • If your comforter has a removable cover, the comforter itself only needs to be washed about twice per year.
  • If you use a top sheet, the comforter should be washed monthly.
  • If you use only the comforter, it really should be washed weekly.

You may wish to add additional washes if your pet sleeps with you, if you have spilled anything on the comforter, if you sweat excessively at night, or after periods of illness.


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