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The Dry Cleaning Process and How it Helps


Going about your busy day, you may be handling errands while toting kids to various activities. In the craziness, you probably haven't thought about passing by somewhere that offers dry cleaning in Knoxville or even considered why adding this as a stop could benefit you.

It's almost guaranteed that someone in your family has used a dry cleaner to help them care for their textiles over the years. Dry cleaning has been around for many years, and the processes may have changed, but the demand has not! Over the years, the dry cleaning process has been refined thanks to innovations in technology and products. When you drop your garments off for dry cleaning in Knoxville, you can rest assured that even your most delicate items are in expert hands.

Why Do You Need it?

The first step in understanding why dry cleaning can be beneficial is to learn why you'd need it in the first place. After considerations are made on your circumstance, there are instances where a typical washer and dryer just won't cut it.

The bottom line is that if you visit Farragut Cleaners for dry cleaning in Knoxville, you'll be protecting the items you have that can't withstand the harsh journey through your washer and dryer. Professional services protect your clothing from the traditional heat the washing machine and dryer impose on your favorite pieces.

If you find your favorite blouse marred by nasty stains like a splash of grease from cooking dinner, you might be concerned about ruining it even further with DIY efforts in your own laundry room. However, when you take it to your local dry cleaning provider, the experts can tackle that stain in no time without damaging the fibers of the garment.

The Process

You can learn a lot from the process to understand why you might consider using a professional service to clean your clothes. What happens to your threads when they're professionally serviced vs. what occurs with sudsy clothes sloshing in the water is very different. Here's a round-trip tour of what you can expect if some of your most vulnerable materials require a place that does dry cleaning in Knoxville -

  • You drop off your items (this is an obvious first step!)
  • Tagging – Once received, whatever you bring in will be tagged, so you remain the rightful owner, and your suit coat doesn't end up with a person living ten blocks away.
  • Pre-treatment – Your items will be inspected for stains or other problems and receive pre-treatment to help with the process.
  • Dry cleaning – The clothes then undergo the dry cleaning process, running through a course of solvent treatments. Since it's not a washer with steaming hot (and damaging water), your clothing will benefit from the proper treatment of professional service.
  • Post-Spotting – if any stubborn stains linger, they'll be found and removed.
  • Finishing – The final step is to press and fold your garments and package them ready for collection.

How to Get the Most Benefits

To reap the greatest benefits from professional dry cleaning in Knoxville, you can play a part in this. With your added attention to the garments going for a service, you'll help ensure your fabrics' best treatment and results.

  • Check the labels… and don't rip them out! An important first step is to know what you're dealing with material-wise. Care labels help your dry cleaner know what fabric they are cleaning so they can adapt the process as necessary for more delicate or specialist fabrics.
  • Back away from the stain! When disaster strikes and your beloved white pants suffer grass stains from last weekend's picnic, don't try to tackle it by yourself. Take the clothing straight to the dry cleaner with no pre-cleaning attempts. Leave it to the pros before you bury that stain further into the fabric.
  • Speaking of stains – Let the dry cleaners know about anything that needs to be addressed or removed during drop-off.
  • Make special care requests when you drop off. Being proactive will save everyone the headache of missing something particular you wanted to be addressed during the process.

Once you have made use of dry cleaning in Knoxville, you will come to realize how much it is benefiting your garments. Now that you have a better understanding of the dry cleaning process, you will be able to make more informed choices about whether or not it's worth taking your treasured clothes to the dry cleaner. Your local dry cleaner will always be happy to advise on caring for delicate fabrics and highly embellished clothing. All you have to do is ask!


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