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Tips for Dry Cleaning Your Winter Coats


Remember the day when you first purchased your winter coat? You would have planned in your mind that it would last for several seasons, especially considering the price you probably had to pay for it. The good news is that can last as long as you hoped provided that you take good care of it.

A winter coat is not a piece of garment that can be easily washed at home as a daily clothing item. Winter coats, especially those made of fur or wool, are quite delicate and need great care while cleaning them. Taking them to a professional dry cleaning company like Farragut Dry Cleaners is the best way to prevent any damage to your winter coats and jackets.

Here are some effective dry cleaning tips that will help you maintain your winter coats in top condition for many seasons to come.

Tip # 1: Have Your Winter Coats Dry Cleaned Twice

The first and the most important tip is to get your winter coat dry-cleaned by an experienced dry cleaning company like Farragut Dry Cleaners. This should be done twice - once at the beginning of winter and second, prior to storing it, just before the onset of Spring. Dry cleaning will help remove perspiration, body oils, and some light stains that may not be immediately visible.

Tip # 2: Turn the Winter Coat Inside Out Before Cleaning

Winter coats often need to be turned inside out when cleaning them, especially during winter. This will ensure quality cleaning of the winter coats not just from the outside but inside as well. By turning the winter coats inside out, the dirt and stains on the inside can be easily removed. The lining may even be dirtier than the outer fabric thanks to perspiration and body oils!

Tip # 3: Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals

Winter coats, especially made of fur, wool, or fleece materials, are highly susceptible to damage due to harmful chemicals. The use of harsh detergents and washing powders can cause the hardening of the winter coat. It is important to select detergents that will not damage the winter coat. Taking your garment to your local dry cleaner means they can use their expert knowledge to choose the most appropriate cleaning fluid for the fabric.

Tip # 4: Make Sure to Fasten the Zippers

If the zippers of the winter coats aren’t zipped, the metal teeth and sharp corners can damage other clothes. In order to minimize the occurrence of any tears or snags, it is important to zip or button everything on the winter coat before dry cleaning. Zipping also helps the winter coat to retain its shape and prevents crumbling.

If you want to increase the longevity of your winter coats and clothes, it is recommended to send them to a local dry cleaner like Farragut Dry Cleaners. Choosing Farragut Dry Cleaners for dry cleaning your winter coats means that they will be treated professionally. This will help to retain the overall softness and quality of the winter coats.



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