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What Is Dry Cleaning?

Local Dry Cleaner in Farragut

Dry cleaning is a popular method of cleaning clothing and other textiles that cannot be washed in water. It is a process that uses a chemical solvent to remove stains and dirt from fabrics, making them look clean and fresh. Dry cleaning is used to clean delicate fabrics, such as silk, wool, and cashmere, as well as clothing items that have embellishments or are heavily soiled.

What Does Dry Cleaning Involve?

The dry cleaning process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Inspection: The item to be cleaned is inspected for stains, tears, or other damage. Your Knoxville dry cleaner may use special equipment or techniques to identify and mark any problem areas.
  2. Pre-treatment: Before the item is cleaned, any stains or spots are pre-treated with special cleaning agents to help break down and remove the stains.
  3. Dry cleaning: The item is placed in a special machine that uses a chemical solvent, such as perchloroethylene (perc), to clean the fabric. The machine agitates the item, and the solvent helps dissolve any dirt or oil.
  4. Post-treatment: After cleaning the item, it may undergo additional treatments to remove any remaining stains or odors. It may also be pressed or steamed to remove wrinkles and give it a fresh, crisp appearance.
  5. Inspection and packaging: Once the item has been cleaned and treated, it is inspected again to ensure it meets Your Knoxville dry cleaner's high standards. It is then packaged and returned to the customer.

Fun Fact! Despite being called dry cleaning, the process is not really dry! The name comes from the fact that no water is used to clean the clothes as you would in a traditional washer. Instead, the process uses specific solvents to remove dirt while avoiding damage to the fibers of the clothes. So these fluids are 'wet,' but the clothing is not saturated the way it would be in a standard domestic wash.

Why Dry Clean Your Clothing?

Choosing a Knoxville dry cleaner has several advantages over traditional washing methods. For one, it can safely clean delicate fabrics without causing damage or shrinkage. Dry cleaning also removes tough stains that may not come out in the wash. If you have a blouse with a stubborn stain, don't throw it away - your Knoxville dry cleaner can make it fresh and clean once more! An additional benefit of using a Knoxville dry cleaner is that cleaning can help prolong the life of clothing items by removing dirt and oil that can weaken the fibers over time.

However, there are some downsides to dry cleaning. The process can be expensive, especially for large or heavily soiled items. Some people also have concerns about the environmental impact of dry cleaning, as the chemicals used in the process can be harmful if not handled properly. To address these concerns, you will be pleased to know that your local Knoxville dry cleaner, Farragut Cleaners, is a certified environmental dry cleaner, which means we use more eco-friendly practices and safer cleaning solvents. We adhere strictly to the 'Professional Standards of Certified Dry Cleaners' and have extensive knowledge and experience in proper waste handling, environmental regulations, and the safe operation of industrial dry cleaning equipment.

Overall, dry cleaning is a useful and effective method of cleaning clothing and other textiles. Whether you need to clean a delicate silk blouse or a heavily soiled suit, your local Knoxville dry cleaner can help you restore your items to their original condition and keep them looking great for years to come. Just be sure to choose a reputable Knoxville dry cleaner, like Farragut Cleaners, that uses safe and eco-friendly dry cleaning practices.

Why Choose Farragut Cleaners?

If you are looking for a Knoxville dry cleaner, you may find yourself spoilt for choice! So, how do you choose the right dry cleaner? We believe it is all about working with a local business. Farragut cleaners is a locally owned and operated family business that has been serving Knoxville since 1946! We now have 5 locations across the Knoxville area, making it convenient for our customers to stop by with their dry cleaning at any time. We thrive on being a big part of the community and, over the years, have built up a reputation for excellent dry cleaning coupled with the best customer service. We are the Knoxville dry cleaner that you can depend on!


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