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Working in an Office? Dry Clean Your Workwear


Spending time in an office, whether full-time or even a couple of days a month, gives us a reason to pull out the workwear and visit the business dressed for the day. Unlike the comfy sweats, tee-shirts, and general cozy clothes we all sport during our downtime, what we wear while at work often differs, requiring extra care.

At Farragut Dry Cleaners, it’s our business to help you with your work attire. When you dress in workwear, it’s unlikely those fabrics are comprised of materials that would survive a regular wash cycle unscathed. Many items worn for work will indicate they’re ‘dry-clean only.’ The label sporting that message sits attached to the piece for a reason - to protect you from damaging your pricey business attire.

Consider fabrics and Embellishments

Workwear differs from other clothing you wear on a laid-back weekend or lounge around the house on a Monday night. Many items require special attention due to the delicate nature of the workwear. Your budget surely takes a blow any time you purchase outfits to wear to the office. So it only makes sense to enlist Farragut Dry Cleaners to assure you don’t damage your costly clothes.

Some specific considerations to make on what shouldn’t be thrown into your home washing machine include –

  • Any embellishments. They can’t withstand a tussle in the washer. Certain blouses, and other work items, contain extra lace, beads, or other embellishments. If garments with these add-ons wind up in the wash, they’ll likely peel or tear off the garment leaving you with an un-wearable piece.
  • Certain common fabrics. They can’t withstand the wash. Check your label and take any business attire to Farragut Dry Cleaners, especially if you see these fabrics –
    • Silk, with extra consideration on dark or vibrant colors
    • Leather to avoid cracking and shrinking
    • All business suits to maintain shape and fit
    • Velvet to keep from damaging the delicate material
  • Odors definitely don’t belong in the workplace. If you pull out and inspect the concert tee-shirt you use as a go-to on any lazy day, you may notice that smells around the armpits have lingered long past the previous 20 times you wore it. When it comes to workwear, you want to ensure you’re entering the office free of smells.
  • Wrinkles portray an unkempt appearance. And dry cleaning can address that issue. It’ll save you time, frustration, and effort if you allow Farragut Dry Cleaners to manage your workwear. Pressed slacks or skirts and wrinkle-free tops present an employee with their business matters in order.

Extend the life of your workwear

Since the outfits you’re putting on to go to the office are usually more costly than a simple hoodie and jeans, working with Farragut Dry Cleaners to extend the life of your most delicate ensembles makes sense. You can do some things yourself to minimize the abuse your clothing receives.

  • Use soft brushes or lint rollers to keep dust, fur, and debris off of the threads between use.
  • Consider putting on undergarments to protect your more formal clothing from sweat and odors. Adding a barrier will help mitigate body moisture from sullying the outfit you wear to the office. This includes incorporating a cotton under-shirt to act as a barrier to your more delicate materials.
  • Avoid spraying cologne or perfumes on dry clean-only outfits since the scent may linger beyond the day you wore it in the office. This also applies to products like Febreeze, which will cause the same issue.
  • Spot clean if you’re confident about how to handle a particular stain. If you’re unsure about the specific culprit (like that ink stain you sustained on your right silk shirt sleeve), check Farragut Dry Cleaners for the best course of action.

By heeding the above advice and seeking out dry cleaning services when needed, you’ll secure reliable work clothes for the indefinite future. If properly cared for, your workwear can last until you decide it’s time to retire any outdated duds.

Farragut Dry Cleaners will work with you, assuring that the workwear garments you wear into the office will be cleaned and returned unscathed, all the while keeping embellishments like lace or beads where they should be. Workwear becomes a part of an employee’s identity. By utilizing dry cleaning services, you can rest assured that each time you take your workwear in for a visit, it’ll return crisp, clean, and ready for the next work adventure.

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