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Your Local Dry Cleaner Shares How to Store Your Winter Clothes


Spring is right around the corner, and everyone is gearing up to start their Spring cleaning! Not only does that mean freshening up the home and switching out Winter bedding and drapes for your lighter ones, but it also time to refresh your wardrobe and put those winter coats and thick sweaters into storage to make room for your spring clothes. As your local dry cleaner, we wanted to share a few tips to help you store them properly to avoid damage.

Dry Clean Clothes Before Storing Them

It might seem strange to be washing clothes that you are going to pack away for the next few months, but it is essential! If your clothing has any dirt or left-over body oils before you pack them away, the fabric can deteriorate, causing discoloration and odors. It can also attract bugs which may feast on the fibers of the fabric! This is something that you want to avoid. It seems like a chore, but you can drop everything off at your local dry cleaner, and they will take care of making sure everything is fresh and clean before it goes into storage. 

Pro Tip: Profession dry cleaner is always the best option for your garments as it is less abrasive, extending your clothing's life.

Choosing to Hang or Fold

One of the questions many people ask us as their local dry cleaner is whether they should hang their clothes when storing them or if they can be folded. There isn't an easy answer because it really depends on the garments that we are talking about. Clothes made from acrylic or poly fibers should be folded as hanging them can lead to stretching. When storing folded clothes, it is a good idea to slip a sheet of acid-free tissue paper between each item as this will reduce wrinkling. On the other hand, jackets, coats, cotton, and silk should be hung and covered with a cotton garment bag.

Pro Tip: Do not store clothing that you pick up from the local dry cleaner in the plastic garment bags. These are only intended for temporary transport, and leaving clothing stored in them will trap moisture and promote mildew.

Choosing Storage Boxes

It can be convenient to store off-season garments and textiles in cardboard boxes. However, these are not only susceptible to water damage, and the adhesive is often acidic. This means it can attract insects. The best option is to use plastic bins with a sealable lid to store your folded clothing. Don't pack them too tightly as they need room to breathe. If you want to keep them smelling fresh and repel bugs, you can pack the garments with lemon zest shavings, lavender sachets, or cedar.

Keep it in the Dark!

To prevent the color of your garments from fading, you will want to store your clothing in a dark place. However, you need to be careful of using a garage, basement, or attic if the temperature is variable. Extreme temperatures, one way or the other, can result in damage to your clothing.


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