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It is easy to forget about your draperies when it comes to the regular cleaning and maintenance of your home. After all, how dirty can your curtains really get when they are just hanging there? The answer is a lot dirtier than you might think! Curtains and drapes naturally attract dust and over time they are going to absorb all sorts of odors. That's why it is recommended that you have them cleaned approximately every 3 to 6 months in order to keep them fresh and clean.

If it is time to give your window dressings a little bit of TLC, the drapery care experts at Farragut Cleaners are ready and waiting to provide excellent results on your drapes and curtains.

Why Cleaning Draperies is Important

Professional cleaning for your drapes and curtains is not just important for hygiene and cleanliness, it is also an investment in your health and well being and can help preserve the look of your draperies. Let's take a look at why professional curtain cleaning is so important.

Removes Hidden Dirt & Potential Allergens

Dust, bacteria, and other allergens will build up in your drapes over time and this can have an impact on your general health and wellbeing if you are someone who suffers from allergies or respiratory issues. Regularly cleaning them will help keep this at bay.


Helps to Extend the Life of Your Drapes

Let's face it - buying draperies can be expensive so you want to make sure that you get your money's worth out of them! That means you must clean and maintain them on a regular basis. Our drapery cleaning experts will evaluate the fabric and determine the best method of cleaning them. Proper cleaning and the removal of first and debris will add years to the lifespan of your drapes.

Replace Bad Odors With a Fresh & Clean Aroma

If there are bad smells trapped in the fabric of your drapes, then it is going to permeate the air in your room leaving it smelling stale and dirty no matter how much you clean. This is a particular issue for smokers and pet owners. However, when you clean your curtains regularly these odors will be eliminated before they have a chance to build up. Say goodbye to stinky drapes and enjoy a fresh, clean aroma around your home.


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