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How The Way You Dress Can Impact Psychology

How The Way You Dress Can Impact Psychology

Did you know that the clothes you choose to wear have a direct impact not only on how you see yourself but also on the way others perceive you? Think about when you feel the most confident. What clothes are you wearing? Most people have a particular outfit that they feel great in or a lucky shirt reserved for first dates or job interviews! As a dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, we constantly have customers entrusting us with their most precious items of clothing. With that in mind, we want to examine how your clothes can impact psychology.

Suit Up to Feel More Powerful

Are you familiar with the concept of a power suit? Throughout history, businessmen and women have donned sharp, tailored suits when attending important business meetings to pitch ideas and broker deals. One of the main reasons for this choice of attire is rooted in psychology. Dressing in a tailored suit helps you think abstractly, allowing you to see the ‘big picture’. It also gives you the confidence to be more competent and authoritative when conducting business. One study revealed that those wearing business suits were able to secure $2 million deals during simulated negotiations, while the more casually dressed participants lost $1.2 million. That’s definitely dressing for success! If you want to keep your power suit looking its best, bring it to a dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, for professional dry cleaning.

Keep It Casual in Social Situations

We’ve seen how dressing to impress can help with business situations, but what about socializing? Wearing formal clothing in a social setting can have the opposite effect, making you seem less approachable and friendly. When you are in a social situation and want to connect with people, it is better to dress more casually as it will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. It will also help others to perceive you as relaxed and approachable. This is also one of the reasons why Casual Fridays exist in many workplaces. When dressed more casually at work, you have the opportunity to get to know your colleagues better, which can strengthen team spirit.

The Psychology of Color & Pattern

Not only does your clothing style affect your confidence and behavior, but so do the colors and patterns. Depending on which choices you make, they can have a direct impact on how you feel, act, and present yourself to those around you. This is even more reason to make sure your clothing retains those vibrant colors popping by having it taken care of by a dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee. Let’s take a look at what some of those color choices say about you!

  • Blue - Wearing blue can help make you seem more approachable. Research has shown that blue is the most popular color in the world. This is likely because it is associated with calmness and tranquility, such as clear skies and tranquil water. Wearing blue can make you seem calm, stable, and friendly.
  • Red - When you choose red, you signal strength and confidence. It is considered a power color and is associated with emotions such as love, passion, power, and anger. When you have one of those days when you want to boost your self-confidence, reach for the red items in your closet.
  • Black - One color psychology study states that black is often perceived as serious and reliable. When you think about it, judges wear black robes, graduation robes are also black, and lawyers will often wear black. Black is also seen as an elegant color, so it is frequently seen in formalwear such as tuxedos and cocktail dresses. Don’t forget to keep your formalwear in tip-top condition using your local dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee.
  • Brights - Choose bright colors from your wardrobe whenever you feel like your mood could use a lift. Bright, vibrant colors are associated with positive emotions - even the description ‘bright’ has joyful connotations! Next time you are having a rough day, pull on your brightest sweater - nobody can feel sad wearing sunshine yellow! Keep those brights looking vibrant by taking your garments to your local dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, and avoid the fading that can sometimes be caused by regular machine washing.

Choose The Clothes That Make You Feel Good!

While all the information above has been tried and tested, one rule overrules the rest! Wear whatever it is that makes YOU feel good! Even if you prefer a color or style that bucks the trend if you enjoy wearing it and feel great in it, then your confidence will increase, and everyone around you will notice. Buy the clothes you are excited to wear - not what the latest fashion dictates. Then, once you have curated your dream wardrobe, make sure it stays fresh for longer by taking your clothes to a professional dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee.


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