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Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Dry Cleaning

Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Dry Cleaning

For many people, their local dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, is an essential service that makes their lives easier, but few know much about the history and the processes behind cleaning their clothing. Let’s take a look at a few interesting things that you might not know about dry cleaning.

Early Dry Cleaning Solvents

Whenever you visit your local dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, medieval Europe is the furthest thing from your mind! However, that is where dry cleaning’s earliest roots can be traced back to with some of the earliest cleaning solvents. Although, you definitely wouldn’t want your dry cleaner to use those solvents today since they were predominantly made from urine! Thankfully, cleaning agents have evolved quite a long way since then, and we are now able to loosen dirt and dissolve grease using other far less unsavory products!

Dry Cleaning Was an Accidental Discovery!

The process that we now know as dry cleaning is based on was discovered completely by accident. A maid accidentally spilled some turpentine from a lamp onto a tablecloth she was cleaning. Once the turpentine dried, the stains that had been on the fabric were gone! Jean Baptise Jolly took this further, using the process to create early dry cleaning techniques. The techniques used today by your local dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, have evolved from those early techniques.

The Father of Dry Cleaning

While Jean Baptise Jolly is often considered the father of modern dry cleaning, it wasn’t until 1821 that Thomas Jennings filed the first dry cleaning related patent in New York. Today, the dry cleaning industry in the US is worth over $63.2 billion. Your local dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, is one of more than 5000 dry cleaners across the United States.

Dry Cleaning Techniques Have Advanced Rapidly

Dry cleaning techniques have advanced greatly since the 1800s. Many different methods can be used, depending on what will work best with the fabric and the type of stains present. These include air vacuums and high-efficiency machines that have helped make dry cleaning faster and more efficient than ever before.

Dry Cleaning is Not Actually Dry

Despite the word dry in the name, the dry cleaning process is not actually dry! Your local dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, will still use a liquid solvent to remove stains and clean textiles. The ‘dry’ refers to the fact that no water is used in the process.

Dry Cleaning is More Than Just Clothing Care

It is common for dry cleaners to be referred to as clothing care specialists, but while this is true, it is not an accurate representation of the complete range of services that they can offer since they will work with any textiles. It would be more accurate to say they specialize in textile care and fabrics. A big part of the job is understanding fabrics and how they will react to different types of solvents to safely and effectively remove stains. Your local dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, will welcome both clothing and household textiles such as curtains, bedding, blankets, and comforters.

Dry Cleaners Are Not Laundromats

Although your local dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, will clean your clothes for you, there is a distinction between a dry cleaner and a laundromat. A laundromat allows you to wash and dry your clothes in machines similar to those you have at home using water and detergent. As we have already noted, a dry cleaner offers more specialized cleaning using advanced techniques and specialist solvents.

Some Dry Cleaners Are More Environmentally Friendly

Since dry cleaning uses chemical solvents, many people assume that it must be harmful to the environment. However, some dry cleaners, including Farragut Cleaners, are designated as certified environmental dry cleaners. This means that they use specific processes that are safe and energy-efficient. To become a certified environmental dry cleaner, the provider must have proven their knowledge regarding environmental regulations, waste handling procedures, and the safe operation of commercial dry cleaning equipment. They must also adhere to the Professional Standards of Certified Dry Cleaners and all federal regulatory requirements.

Now that you know more about dry cleaning, you may have remembered that you have a shirt or a dress lurking in your closet that needs stain removal, or your suit is overdue a clean. With five convenient locations in Farragut and the surrounding areas, Farragut Cleaners is here to serve all of your dry cleaning needs. We also offer a professional clothing repair and alterations service at all of our locations.


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