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Is Dry Cleaning Better For Your Clothes?

Is Dry Cleaning Better For Your Clothes?

Have you ever made the mistake of throwing one of your favorite clothing items into the washer or dryer without checking the care instructions, only to find it shrunk, misshapen, stained, or pilled? It's something all of us have done at one time or another. One way to combat this is to make use of your local dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee when you need clean clothes! But is it really better for your clothes than regular laundering at home? The short answer is yes! Let's look at a few reasons why dry cleaning is better for your clothes.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Let's start at the beginning. What is dry cleaning? Despite the name, dry cleaning is not actually dry! However, it is a cleaning process that does not use water, as it can be damaging to certain fabrics. Instead, your local dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, will use non-water-based chemical solvents to remove dirt from clothing, bedding, upholstery, and other textiles. There are a number of steps involved in the dry cleaning process, but to give you a basic idea of what happens, a simplified description would be that your clothing is placed in a commercial machine and submerged in a non-water-based solvent. They are then rotated in a perforated cylinder, steadily releasing the solvent. Afterward, the machine spins the clothing to remove excess solvent and releases warm air to ensure your clothes come out of the machine completely dry.

Which Types of Clothing Should Be Dry Cleaned?

Your local dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, will be happy to clean any of your clothing and textiles; however, certain fabrics and clothing types will particularly benefit from being dry cleaned rather than washed at home.

  • Silk - Silk garments can be expensive, but if cared for correctly, they will last for a lifetime. They are definitely an investment piece for your wardrobe. If you want to keep your silk clothing in the best possible condition, it should be dry cleaned so it won't lose its luster or color.
  • Suede - Suede is a subcategory of leather that is typically made from cow, lambskin, and goat hide. It is an expensive fabric that is quite difficult to maintain. It is also very sensitive to moisture, making it tricky for you to clean it yourself. Your local dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, can clean suede items with specialist solvents.
  • Wool - Wool is an incredibly durable fabric, but it is prone to shrinking in water. To prevent this, you can have a dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, clean your wool coats and sweaters to ensure they last a long time.
  • Leather - To ensure your leather garments stay supple, it is important to have them professionally cleaned. A dry cleaner can remove stains from leather without cracking or shrinking it.
  • Linen - Linen is strong and absorbent, and it dries very quickly. It can be washed and dried at home but will likely need to be ironed. If linen is handled inappropriately, it can sometimes lose its crispness, and the fibers of the fabric may start to deteriorate. Taking linen items, including clothing and home textiles, to your dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, can ensure this does not happen.
  • Denim - Most people see denim as a heavy-duty fabric, which is true to a certain extent, but did you know that denim is unsuitable for dryer use? Denim should be washed inside out and hung up to air dry. Alternatively, you can make your life easier by having your denim dry cleaned.

Is There Anything That Shouldn't Be Dry Cleaned?

Most items of clothing can be cleaned by your dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, but you don't necessarily have to take every item in your wardrobe to them. Cotton clothes are generally preshrunk, so machine washing and drying is usually pretty safe. However, you should follow the care label and wash similar colors together. Synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester, and spandex also do not need to be dry cleaned as they are unlikely to shrink.

Why Choose Farragut Cleaners?

When choosing a dry cleaner in Farragut, Tennessee, you may find yourself spoilt for choice! So why should you choose Farragut Cleaners over any other local dry cleaner? We are a locally owned and operated business that has been serving the local community in Farragut for 40 years. We have five convenient locations in Farragut and the surrounding areas of Knoxville. Our mission is to ensure that every customer is looked after to the best possible standards and that we get their garments and textiles back to them looking as good as new in a timely manner. Farragut Cleaners is also a Certified Environmental Dry Cleaner, reassuring our customers that we will employ environmentally safe and non-toxic methods to protect both the environment and their health.


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