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Taking Care of Your Winter Clothes

Taking Care of Your Winter Clothes

There may still be a chill in the air, but many people are starting to turn their thoughts towards Spring! One of the first tasks on your Spring cleaning list should be taking your winter coats and heavier clothing out of your closet and safely storing them for next Winter. As your local dry cleaner in Farragut, TN, we have put together a few tips to ensure your winter wardrobe comes out of storage next year looking as good as new!

1 - Use Airtight Containers

If you are packing away items like sweaters and jackets until next Winter, you will want to take steps to protect them from moisture and pests. Using an airtight container is a good option. Look for plastic bins with snug lids or vacuum-sealed bags. It is important that the items are clean when you place them into storage so that no dirt or sweat is left behind, which might cause mildew. Visiting your local dry cleaner in Farragut, TN, is a good idea.

2 - Dry Clean Your Items

As touched on above, your coats and other winter items must be cleaned before they are put into storage. This can be a time-consuming process, and it may be tempting to skip it and wash them later when you bring them out of storage. However, this would be a mistake as this can create humidity, promoting the growth of mold and mildew. If there is any residual sweat or body oils on the clothing this may also attract pests who may eat through the fabric. The best way to ensure that your garments are completely clean prior to storage is to take them to your local dry cleaner in Farragut, TN.

3 - Hang Heavier Garments

If you have space available to do so, it is better to hang heavier items such as coats and suits. If you have an extra closet in another room, this could be a great way to keep them out of the way until you need them again next Winter. Hanging these items helps preserve the garment's shape and keep the fibers intact. As a result, your garments will last much longer. You may opt to hang them on a rail in your attic or basement if you don't have an extra closet, but if you do this, you will need to invest in garment bags to protect the items. Make sure you do not use the plastic bags that your garments are returned in after a visit to the local dry cleaner in Farragut, TN, as these are known to trap moisture and are only intended to be used for transporting your dry cleaning home - not for long-term storage.

4 - Add Cedar Blocks

Did you know that cedar emits a unique natural aroma that repels moths? It can also help to absorb excess moisture in the air. When you put winter clothes away in the Spring, placing a cedar block into the closet or storage bin will give you an extra layer of protection against pests and moisture.

5 - Use Fabric Softener Sheets

One clever trick you can use when you put your winter wardrobe into storage is tucking a fabric softener sheet into each bin or drawer. This is an affordable solution that will keep all of your clothes smelling fresh while in storage!

6 - Temperature Control

Did you know that excessive heat or cold can cause permanent damage to delicate fabrics such as wool and cashmere? When storing your winter clothes, it is important to keep them in a cool room with a temperature that consistently remains between 50°F and 70°F. If the storage area does not have HVAC, you may want to consider a portable air conditioning unit to keep the temperature even. Another pro tip is to use foam boards or spray foam to line the closet or storage area to insulate it and help control the temperature.

7 - Avoid Direct Sunlight

It is important to make sure that your clothing is not exposed to direct sunlight while in storage. This can cause fading and discoloration of the fabric. If your storage area has a window, you may want to block the light with blackout blinds or curtains.

8 - Try Not to Use Mothballs

If your home is prone to pests like moths, you may be tempted to use mothballs. However, these should only be used as a last resort as they contain insecticides and emit fumes that may cause damage to your garments. If you feel that it is absolutely necessary to use mothballs, make sure you choose a brand that is specifically marked as safe for fabrics.

With these tips, your clothes will come out of storage next Winter looking and smelling as fresh as the day you packed them away. It all starts with a visit to your local dry cleaner in Farragut, TN, to make sure they are clean and ready to pack away for another year.


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