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What Not To Do With Your Dry Cleaning!

What Not To Do With Your Dry Cleaning!

One of the most effective ways to keep clothing looking fresh and clean is by using dry cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee. Your clothes will be handled by our professional dry cleaning staff, who are experts in fabric care and stain removal, ensuring that your clothes are returned to you looking as good as new. You might be tempted to try to recreate this effect at home, but this could very well have some disastrous results! Let's take a look at why it's best to leave it to the professionals when it comes to dry cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee.

Never Ignore The Care Labels

Those labels inside your clothes are there for a reason, so don't be tempted to cut them out if they are rubbing your skin! Care labels contain a wealth of important information about the fabrics used to create your favorite clothing pieces. They not only tell you what type of fabric it is made from but also how to wash and dry it to maintain its look. It also tells you if the garment needs to be dry cleaned. If the care label says dry clean only, then it is important that you take heed. Never make the mistake of throwing a dry clean only item into the wash with your other laundry, as it will likely come out misshapen or damaged. Don't run that risk, and make sure you take it for dry cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee.

Leave Those Stains Alone

When you spill something on your favorite shirt or dress, it is often your natural reaction to splash some water on it or dab it with a napkin. However, this can often result in setting the stain deeper into the fabric, making it even more challenging to remove. It is also important to steer clear of the many 'home remedies' people are sure to offer. The best course of action is to leave it alone and then, as soon as possible, take it for professional dry cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee. Dry cleaners are experts when it comes to stain removal and will know exactly what to do for different types of stains on various different fabric types.

Washing Isn't A Replacement For Dry Cleaning

You may think that if you choose the right laundry products, you can surely get the same results as your dry cleaner. The answer is no! Washing is never going to be an equal replacement for dry cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee, regardless of what the latest laundry detergents and fabric softeners claim! Dry cleaning is specifically designed to protect the fibers of your clothing in order to prevent shrinkage and fading. The process does not use water and typical laundry detergents.

The dry cleaning process uses solvents other than water to clean clothes and textiles. The primary solvent used is perchloroethylene (perc), although alternatives like hydrocarbon, liquid CO2, and silicon-based solvents are also used. When you take your clothing and other textiles for dry cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee, the process begins with inspecting and tagging garments. Stains are pre-treated with specific chemicals to ensure effective removal. Clothes are then placed in a machine that agitates them gently in the solvent, dissolving grease and dirt. After cleaning, the solvent is extracted, and the garments are rinsed with fresh solvent to remove any remaining impurities. The clothes are then dried in a controlled environment, using warm air to evaporate any solvent residue. Finally, the garments are pressed and finished, restoring their shape and appearance. This method is effective for delicate fabrics and items that cannot withstand the rigors of traditional washing methods.

Don't Wash Your Curtains At Home

Dry cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee, benefits clothing, but you can also dry clean home textiles like bedding and curtains. Curtains are one of the items you really should not be washing at home. Washing them can shrink them by an average of 10% to 15%. The agitation of the washing machine can also cause them to become misshapen and damage any embellishments. Having them dry cleaned will help to avoid shrinkage and preserve the shape and color so that they look as good as new when you are ready to rehang them in your windows.

Skip The Quick Fixes

You have probably noticed a variety of products promising quick fixes for tough stains and lingering odors. However, these are much like using a bandaid on a bullet hole! It will only ever be a temporary fix and sometimes layering these products over the initial problem is going to make it worse in the long-term. It is also a waste of money! Instead of spending money on products that only work for a few weeks before the problem returns, take the item in for dry cleaning in Farragut, Tennessee, and have the problem resolved once and for all.


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